Pam R, RN
I reached out to Barb six weeks after I had left total knee replacement. The year prior, I had total right knee replacement. I suffered from a left plantar plate and bilateral rotator cuff tears requiring surgery. Although in my 50’s, I knew I wanted to get physically active and healthy. I had always been active by going to the gym regularly. I loved kick boxing and Zumba classes.

Barb and I worked as partners to track my food, learn about the “Macros” I needed, and develop an exercise. After working with Barb, I am able to continue by weight loss and health journey on my own. I consistently track my food. She motivated me to get on a good pattern. After working with Barb, I worked with a trainer so the progress continued.

Now I know what I need to do. I am primarily doing isometric exercises and weights for upper arm strengthening. Recently, I lost 7 lbs. in a week after increasing my water intake and starting intermittent fasting in addition to my routine workouts.

Barb is my inspiration!